Photograph: Tanya Burr

With modern technology on the rise, other facets of life have certainly started to change, (especially in the beauty industry). A few years ago you could head into Myer for a beauty consultation and be advised how to apply your makeup and what the best beauty products for you are. Now with the digital age phenomenon you have the opportunity to do all of that from your bedroom. YouTube has been a very popular platform for beauty/makeup artists & enthusiasts by showcasing their talent, opinions and everything else ‘beauty’ on their YouTube channels.

One name that certainly comes to mind with the online world is British YouTube beauty guru and makeup artist, the lovely and divine, Tanya Burr. The 23 year old ‘Michael Angelo’ of makeup has introduced the world to this recent online beauty phenomenon through her YouTube channel ‘Tanya Burr’ and through her vlog channel ‘TanyasVlogsandHauls’. This breakdown of numbers illustrates Tanya’s extreme popularity across the World Wide Web:

–     627,172 YouTube subscribers

–     255,617 Vlog Channel subscribers

–     186,615 Instagram followers

–     144,762 Twitter Followers

–     57,935 Facebook likes

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Photograph:Tanya Burr-‘Glamorous Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial’

Tanya always focuses on giving people the best possible experience with makeup, along with very constructive step-by-step makeup tutorials showcasing drugstore and high-end products. In addition to this, Tanya exclusively provides well-informed product reviews and recommendations; mentioning the must-have makeup items you need for a specific look or just in general. Her vlog channel, ‘TanyasVlogsandHauls’ takes her viewers along with her during days of London Fashion Week among many of her amazing experiences. As well as this, Tanya features ‘outfit of the day’ videos which can help viewers to be inspired in choices they make with what they wear.

Just one more thing to add to her cool factor, she just met Harry Styles!

Tanya & Harry

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Photograph: Jim Chapman

Another popular British YouTuber that is definitely known around the online circuit would be 25 year old, Jim Chapman. His YouTube channel ‘Jim Chapman’ is specifically focused around male grooming and styling as well as dialogue on life and relationships. His vlog channel ‘VlogswithJim’ also takes his viewers along on day to day adventures, as well as featuring some sneak peaks of other projects. He is certainly a YouTube personality that is on everybody’s radar.
This breakdown of numbers illustrates Jim’s immense popularity across the World Wide Web:

–     323,396 YouTube subscribers

–     139,870 Vlog Channel subscribers

–     82,484 Twitter Followers

–     19,756 Facebook likes

–     81,190 Instagram followers

And for the perfect ending; he just happens to be Tanya Burr’s fiancé.


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